A Beginners Guide to Choosing a Watch

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A Beginners Guide to Choosing a Watch

When you are looking for the best watch for yourself or your loved ones, you can find many different selections today. Watches may come with distinct features and benefits, so it's essential to examine these products and research each piece carefully. We've created this article to help you find the watch that fits your needs. 

There are a couple of essential criteria to consider before deciding on a good one for yourself. We will share some valuable tips for all beginners looking to invest in the best luxury watches for themselves.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Watch

A. Quartz vs. Mechanical

Deciding between Quartz and Mechanical is one of the most important things you must consider when purchasing a high-quality timepiece. Quart watches are generally affordable, easy to maintain, and also highly reliable. They usually run on battery power, and a long-life lithium battery will last around three years.

Some quart watches have a rechargeable battery (can be solar-powered or rotor-powered). Solar-powered watches, such as Citizen Eco-Drive, use sunlight as their primary power source. Rotor-powered watches, such as Seiko Kinetic, are going to use wrist movement to power the system.

Mechanical watches tend to be more expensive than quartz watches. Modern timepieces are created to be highly accurate. The best mechanical watches are certified as chronometers. They can be as accurate for up to 5 seconds per day or can experience even better performance. The power for these watches can come from the mainspring (can be wound by the hand manually or wound by a rotor automatically). Mechanical watches usually will be more expensive in terms of maintenance requirements than quartz watches.

B. Case of the watch

When you are choosing a good watch, you also need to consider the case. The case is crucial, and some factors need to be considered, for example, shape, material, ad size. The majority of luxury watches come with a round shape. However, other unique shapes can also be found in premium watches, such as those in oval, square, rectangle, and tonneau shapes.

The diameter of the watch case will be another important thing to consider. Vintage watches tend to have smaller diameters than any other watches made nowadays. The diameter of the watch will affect the overall look and also comfort. If you buy a watch with a case too big, it may become uncomfortable on your wrists. The thickness of the watch is also an important consideration as a thick watch can be uncomfortable.

The material of the case is also important to consider. Some popular case materials include ceramic, stainless steel, gold, titanium, and also platinum. Stainless steel is a common material for cases as it's high quality, affordable, and offers robust utility. Stainless 316L is typically used in watch cases, and some premium brands use weather-resistant stainless steel called 904L.

C. Watch crystal 

Most premium watches come with beautiful crystals. Most timepieces will use some common types of glass on their timepieces, such as mineral crystal, acrylic or Plexiglass, and a sapphire crystal. Mineral crystals is a popular choice in entry-level watches. Sapphire crystal is often used on premium luxury watches, and they offer clear visibility and are scratchproof.

Because of this reason, this crystal type is popular among many people today. You always look at the sapphire glass as your favorite crystal on your watch. It is also best to have about 1 - 2 coatings of the anti-reflective treatment, which is an important feature that you need to find from a premium watch.

D. Functions

Different watches may have additional features and functions that are suitable for your needs. Basic watches usually display hours, minutes, and also seconds. Some watches come with only hours and minutes. Other watches also come with additional functions, such as world timer, dual time zone, power reserve, alarm, chronograph, world timer, date, etc. Some watches also offer advanced features such as tourbillon, flyback chronograph, split-second chronograph, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, etc.

E. Strap or Bracelet

Another critical factor you have to consider, especially when selecting a good watch is whether you want a strap or bracelet. You can find several types of straps available on the market, such as those made of alligator skin, calfskin, suede, rubber, vintage leather, textile, metal, Nato, etc. If you have different straps or bracelets, you can switch them out occasionally or when pairing with different outfits. It's also important to choose the most suitable color for your strap or bracelet, so you can achieve the most versatile look by wearing your favorite watch.

Other Things to Consider

When you plan to choose a good watch for yourself, you can compare available products before selecting a good one for yourself. Discounts, resale, price, brand, heritage, reliability, and durability, will also be important.

You also need to select the most reliable store that sells watches for your needs. It is a good idea for you to compare stores, and check their reputation and the customer service they offer. We always recommend you buy from an authorized dealer or the official manufacturer to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic timepiece.

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